What We Do

Our Statement of the First Institute Chapter calls us to Mercy in Action wherever we are.

Throughout rural and urban Australia, in Papua New Guinea and internationally, the Sisters of the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) are advocating for people with no voice and for those seeking justice at home and beyond. This is done through:

  • sharing our time, energy and resources so that people can have quality of life through the ministry of our various organisations, e.g. hospitals, aged care facilities, social services and pastoral care;
  • continuing to minister in creative ways in education, health and aged care and welfare;
  • enabling women and men to experience fullness of life through a range of pastoral and spiritual ministries, e.g. counselling, retreats and spiritual direction.

The Sisters of ISMAPNG are educators, theologians, scripture scholars, liturgists, writers and publishers, researchers, archivists, historians, musicians, artists, bioethicists, ecumenists, canon lawyers, lawyers and advocates for justice.

Some are working in interfaith relations, with media and communications technology, while others are environmentalists and ecologists. Some continue to administer institutions and others offer hospitality in a variety of ways.

Where we no longer do the work ourselves, the mission of Mercy continues through the skill, energy and commitment of our ministry partners – men and women who are our dedicated co-workers, board members and volunteers.

Sisters of Mercy, through their vowed commitment, are compelled to respond to global issues and address issues of injustice with a profound belief in the dignity and equality of all people. Currently our world is challenged by the devastating reality that two-thirds of the world population lives in hunger, poverty, disadvantage and where our planet is threatened as never before with mass destruction of all its life-forms.

Mission Statement of the First Chapter of the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea