Mercy Spirituality

Sisters of Mercy throughout the world draw on the inspiration of Catherine McAuley, their foundress, who began her work with poor women in the first House of Mercy in Dublin in 1827.

Catherine’s deep faith in God who is Mercy, and her experience of the pain of poverty, shaped her prayer and in turn her prayer shaped her ministry. The Suscipe of Catherine McAuley reflects this for us all.

Today, as Sisters of Mercy, we commit ourselves to a life long journey of discovery of the Mercy of God, which is so often found in the lives and struggles of the suffering and the poor. On this journey we begin to understand our own poverty and our need for God’s Mercy.We seek the face of God who is merciful and we try to live in a way that reflects this awareness.

We share this awareness and this particular lens on the revelation of God as Mercy, with our Associates, co-workers, friends, families and all those whose faces reflect the invitation and the challenge to us to respond to them with compassion and justice.

Our Prayer Room invites you to join with us in prayer for all.

The Sisters of Mercy offer a range of spirituality and retreat centres where individuals and groups can visit to withdraw from the hectic pace of life to take time for prayer and spiritual direction or attend retreats and spirituality courses. Further details here